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Matt Burkhardt, Co-Owner & Consultant

Local roofer, local Sider, local construction, remodeler, storm damage, home inspection, insurance

Matt Burkhardt has been in the roofing, siding, & gutters business for over 15 years. Traveling the country as an insurance claim restoration & storm damage specialist after graduating from Ashland University, he's had the fortunate experience of settling hundreds of storm damage claims with almost every major insurance carrier in the nation, and has also successfully built thousands of residential and commercial projects over those years. Matt has also held positions with 3 large roofing companies as a General Manager, Production Manager, National Sales Trainer, and Sales Consultant.  Matt continues to travel across the US, sought after and hired by other roofing companies as a consultant to coach and train their sales staff, to develop and implement proven systems and processes that help their businesses grow and operate at an increased level of efficiency and productivity.

Finally after 15 years, he has turned his passion for faithfully serving others into building a small, locally-owned & operated family roofing business that has a focus on the long-term goals and satisfaction of his clients.  Since Matt, his wife, and three children reside in Marysville, his goal is to use Monarchs Roofing Co. as a vehicle to funnel financial resources back into the community in order to support and contribute to local organizations, sports teams, schools, churches, veterans, and other outreach programs.  Matt wants all of Monarchs Roofing Co. customers to feel good about their purchases, knowing that not only is their hard-earned money going towards contracting their new project, but that it will also be paid forward to help support the community they love and live in.  

This is Monarchs Roofing Co.

Rhiannon Burkhardt, Business Administrator

Local roofer, local Sider, local construction, remodeler, storm damage, home inspection, insurance

Rhiannon has 15 years of experience, knowledge and insight gained while working alongside her husband, Matt. She grew up around her family’s concrete business since she was a little girl, so she’s pretty familiar with contracting jobs and basic construction knowledge.  Rhiannon leads the team in administrative and marketing services. With a bit of background in design as well, not only is she able to talk you through the insurance claim process for storm damage, she's happy to lend you her 'design eye' as well!  And if you don’t talk to her while she’s answering the phones at the office, there‘s a good chance you’ll catch her taxiing the kids to and from practice, or running around the grocery store shopping for dinner.  She’ll be the first to tell you that she really enjoys her job at Monarchs Roofing Co., but she LOVES her job as being mom.  Rhiannon is a true asset to the company and a real gem of a person that would be willing to give the shirt off of her back to help someone in need.